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DIRECTV continues to step up its sustainability efforts, especially in the area of energy efficiency. We already lead our industry, having provided our customers with more than 40 million ENERGY STAR-qualified receivers.* Recently, our sustainability work has been highlighted through our participation in two prestigious events.

First, Steve Dulac, a director in our Engineering department, represented DIRECTV on a panel at International CES in Las Vegas titled “Energy Efficiency: Is Industry Leading the Way to Energy Savings in Electronics?”. The panel was opened by the administrator of the U.S. EPA, Lisa Jackson, demonstrating the high level of attention this important issue is receiving. During the discussion, Dulac pointed out that voluntary programs such as ENERGY STAR are effective in encouraging industry to be more efficient. He also highlighted the significant efficiency advances that DIRECTV has made across a wide variety of receiver models. For instance, DIRECTV recently introduced a Whole-Home HD DVR that no longer requires a separate receiver for each TV. This new Whole-Home HD DVR, Genie™*, operates through a single HD DVR server with thin Client boxes for each additional TV. These thin Client boxes use less energy than standard HD receivers, and will help DIRECTV reduce the energy use of a three-room HD DVR customer by 25% in 2013 (compared to our 2011 baseline ).

Just a few weeks later DIRECTV participated in an invitation-only event with Administrator Jackson in Washington, DC. At the U.S. EPA’s Corporate Sustainability Roundtable: “Moving Forward: Applying a Sustainability Lens to Environmental Protection,” Andrew Reinsdorf, SVP of Government Affairs, shared DIRECTV’s sustainability experience with the Administrator and her top staff members. DIRECTV was the only pay TV company to participate in this prestigious event demonstrating how our sustainability efforts give us an increasingly important voice with the U.S. EPA and the larger sustainability community.

We are pleased to have participated in these events and look forward to continuing to share our sustainability story.

*Genie™ HD DVR (Model HR-34) is not an ENERGY STAR-qualified receiver.

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