Directv Residential Experience MCS 3.14 New Features

Directv has released a new update to the MCS, here are some of the new features,

MCS 3.14 has a new enhanced user interface which facilitates the user to manage the system and change the MCS configuration via the web interface vs. the old command line style. Following is a quick summary of the new features (Please refer to MCS user’s manual for more details)
1. Receiver List New Features:
a. Total Active Count at top right corner, and Percentage on mouse hover
b. Column for Management Mode & Default Settings Check
c. Improved Individual Expanded Receiver Info
d. More helpful time-ago text for statuses, upon hover
e. Selectable Columns
f. Auto Refresh every 10 minutes of idle, dim effect during last minute of idle
g. Improved Log showing success/failure status of commands
2. Administrator’s Settings New Features:
a. Change Property Name & Address
b. PMS ID Auto complete for PMS IDs received by MCS
3. New Installer Setup Section:
b. Enter Dealer/Distributor Information & Account Number for tracking purposes
c. View Network Connection Information, run ping test to
d. Configuring PMS via MCS web interface
e. DRE Diagnostic And Retrieval Tool (DART) Report feature
f. MCS Web-Update Support

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