Directv Residential Experience Overview

The DIRECTV Residential Experience is a High Definition DIRECTV integrated system
specifically designed for Lodging and Institutional (L&I) markets.
Previous generation hotel solutions relied upon SMATV head-end technology which was
limited to standard definition video programming only, with no upgrade path for delivering
HD programming.
The DRE solution offers over 170 High Definition channels in addition to the standard
definition content. It is a DIRECTV high definition home-away-from-home experience, with enhancements designed to recognize the unique hospitality requirements for guests who have little or no familiarity with the DIRECTV service.
In addition to HD programming DRE incorporates HD DVR receivers (currently HD DVR
HR24) and provides Local Content Insertion. These channels are L&I specific channels or
other services inserted into the DIRECTV channel lineup, and are managed by the L&I
institution itself.
The hotel guests will be able to use DVR features in their hotel rooms. DRE HD DVR
receiver is the same receiver used for residential installations. However, the DRE HR24
receiver uses customized software which provides a simplified yet consistent DIRECTV user experience.
A custom RC70H remote control has been developed as part of the DRE system. The
RC70H remote is designed for ease of use enabling non DIRECTV customers to quickly
learn and navigate the User Interface (UI). The simplified menus restrict access to set up
The RC70H remote control is designed specifically for commercial use and doesn’t work
with residential receivers. Need remote codes for your RC70H? Give us a call or email,

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