How to set your property logo

DIRECTV Residential Experience, setting your logo

1. Log in to MCS as an Administrator.
2. Select “Administrator Settings” from the upper right.
3. Select the “Property Logo” tab, the third tab on the interface.
4. Select “Upload New Logo”. A dialog box with two fields for inserting logos will appear.
5.  Click “Browse” next to “Insert Logo”.
6.  Choose the hotel logo file you wish to use and double click on it or click the filename and then click “Open”. The logo file
must be a PNG file which must have a width of 125 pixels and a height of 65 pixels. All other file types and sizes will result in
an error message.
7. Click “Set Logo”. The message “New Logo Uploaded. Click ‘Apply’ to Make Active.” will appear at the top of the screen.
8.  Click ”Apply” to Make Active. If you encounter any errors, ensure that you are using a PNG file with a width of 125 pixels
and a height of 65 pixels.
9.  The logo selected will appear next to “Logo:” If the logo does not appear, you may need to refresh the webpage.
The Logo is now saved in the MCS, but it is not yet applied to any receivers.
10. Click “Apply Logos” to send the logo to all receivers connected to the MCS.
11. When you receive a confirmation message, click “Apply”.
12. Wait for MCS to return a success message – “Logo has been applied to all property receivers.”
Please Note:  For any receivers that are not “alive”, that were listed in the failure message or have not been configured
to Managed Mode, you should repeat Steps 9-10 once the receiver issue has been resolved.