Dish Network announced it has approved certain MDU and L&I properties to have HD content modulated in the clear

In a surprising move that solves long standing challenges,

DISH is now offering certain commercial customers a great new high-definition solution for commercial distribution purposes. This new solution, called HD Over Coax, is a new approved way for Retailers to distribute an HD signal in commercial environments, but without the need for a set-top box at each television, or expensive rewiring.

The new solution allows headend encoders to embed a watermark in the signal to each television set. It is the only such system approved by DISH.

DISH is the first company to offer an approved direct HD delivery system. No other solution in use today includes a watermarked signal. HD Over Coax is good for any type of Bulk installation, except hotel/hospitality, which must maintain an encrypted delivery system such as pro:idiom.

Approved locations include,

MDU Locations

Guest Locations




Assisted Living

Mobile Home Parks

Senior Care


RV Parks

Universities and Student Housing


Prohibited Locations: Guest properties, including hotels, motels and resort facilities; as well as single-family communities and/or residences. Also cannot be used in L-band installations.





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